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Landlord or Tenants Market? - Q2 2014 Office Market Report

Day in and day out, our job as real estate brokers is to keep our clients up to date on market trends and advise them as to how to leverage the market to meet their long and short term goals. As the market slowly rebounds from the recession, we are left to answer the question, “ Whose market is it anyway? ”

Some brokers will say tenants are quickly losing the strong upper hand they have held since the recession. Others will say that landlords still have to compete aggressively for tenants. The rest of us are left scratching our heads because it cannot be explained so simply these days. In truth, the Orange County market cannot be easily described on a macro level. The tenant vs. landlord tug of war needs to be examined at a micro level and varies submarket to submarket, and at this point, even building to building.

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Dedicated. Honest. Professional.